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Stirring things up...

Just a quick note - I will be vague, as it's late, and I can't really go in depth right now. But just off the top of my head, after reading how many people voted in the recent U2 poll... that the majority of people enjoy U2 the way they are...

I have to ask, am I the only one who is kind of bored with the way U2 currently are?

Am I the only one who is not going out of my way to lap up the Hands that Built America... or... ?

I mean, I used to be the biggest, baddest die-hard-fan for years. I worshipped them every second, all the time. Maybe I'm getting old... I don't know. But... I find they don't fascinate me currently like they used to. They're becoming cliché... which, at least a decade ago this time, was what they were trying NOT to become. Or maybe I'm at the point in my U2 fandom where I feel I can be excrutiatingly critical....

Any thoughts?

Let the flames begin! ;)
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