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A Night With U2

I just saw a great thing on VH1.

There is this show on right now, where regular people like you and I get to tell about how one experience with a rock star changes your life.

This gal, I'd say no more than early twenties, comes from a musical family and plays guitar. Her and her friends decided to road trip to Vegas for the Elevation Tour, and they had a game plan for getting on stage: strategically place themselves at the tip of the heart with a sign that says "Hey, this girl plays a mean guitar!"

Well, Bono and the Edge walk down the heart and see her with her sign. Bono said "You can play??" She says yeah, and he pulls her onstage.

Edge *gives* her his guitar to play, and she starts playing "People Get Ready." Edge gets another guitar and joins in, and then *Larry and Adam* join in, too. Bono starts singing lyrics about this gal, and she's wearing his shades, and she's just in this state of disbelief.

At the end of the song, Bono's sharing the mic with her, and they're singing together while the band plays around them. Then everyone in the stadium starts cheering, and she's just overwhelmed.

And I think that any of the rest of us would be, too!

That's a once in a lifetime experience. And the fact that Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry are laid back enough to make a gesture like that for a fan is something that a lot of rock stars and bands couldn't be bothered with. The guys are just so down to earth, and that's yet another of the millions of reasons why we love them. :)

It doesn't say when it will be rebroadcast, but if you have the opportunity to catch this episode of "A Night With..." you should. You can also read about it on, too. It was just the bestest, most fantastic thing that I've seen in a long time.

Just wanted to share. :)
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