DJediX (djedix) wrote in u2,

Yea Yea.........Ahoooooo Ahoooooooo

What a weekend...... 2 back to back u2 shows. God this was the greatest musical weekend of my life so far..hehe... Sat i was at MSG with great seats... i got pics too have to get them developed.... And tonight back to the floor where it was just one way to end a year where i ended up seeing u2 3 times. words can not describe the emotion of the fans these 2 times around though. The jersey fans didn't really know that they were comming when sgt peppers started playing.... I yelled it out.. heh... A little thing i know is they played Bad / 40 at the garden and All i want is u at the arena... the rest of the songs is blury to me right now.... the normal ..... Oh and they played Please at both shows, i really like that song. What a $#@%ing great with or without you... :-/

By the way.... Bono Said theres more to write about and things have inspired them..... More U2 to come :)
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