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I must find out!

I've asked this several times but never gotten an answer back. Its not in the U2:Live book neither. I'm after the city & exact date for when Bono said this...(I want to find the bootleg its a soundboard or something similar)
You can hear every note Edge plays, its a stunning sound...Much better than Rocks Hottest ticket.

Its from the Joshua Tree tour, Bono says this to intro ISHFWILF...

We've been coming over here for a few years now. Travelling from city to city
Its only this last year tho when we went to Chicago, we discovered the Blues.
Went down to Memphis saw Sun studios where Rock & Roll was invented, Got to Gracelands.
Rooting through Elvis Pressley's record collection, In there amoungst the old rock & roll records we found these old Gospel records.
This is a sorta gospel song I suppose....
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