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the beginnings of a new U2 fan.....a little one at that!

Here's a story, not about my beginnings as a U2 fan, but about the beginnings of a new U2 fan.

I am a pre-school teacher, and just at the end of last year, while I was on a break, and completely nothing to do with me, one of our 4 year old boys was to be heard banging out some beat on the upturned slide. He announced to everyone he was pretending to be Larry in U2, and that he was singing Beautiful Day or something. Upon speaking to his parents, we discovered his parents are fans of U2, and he had developed a liking of U2 himself.

Roll on yesterday.... again I was on my break....and when I got back the other staff member says to me: "J. was just pretending the blocks were guitars, and he came running up to me saying 'listen to this! listen I know a cool song' and started singing Helter Skelter word for word. Then he said 'I love U2 I do!' He said he has the Rattle and Hum DVD at home".

I laughed, and went and asked him about it....we both started to sing Helter Skelter and Van Diemen's Land together. He then invited me over to his house this weekend to watch the DVD....gave me his address and all! Dude! A date with a 4 year old U2 lover!

Today I told his mother about it. She commented on how obssessed he is with the R&H DVD, a litte concerned (like I am about to tell her thats a problem, being so into U2....). Today I took the R&H cd in for J. and we put it on after they got the blocks out as guitars again. J. loved it. In fact, I have not seen someone impersonate Edge as spot on as he did. He had 3/4 of the class in on the dancing/singing/guitar thing too. I couldn't stop was amazing. All I have to say to his mother now is something along the lines of "there are worse things he could be into...U2 music can only lead him down a good path, albeit an expensive one..."
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