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U2 Purity Questions pt. 2

Alright for this evenings installment:

1. Do you know what a melpop roll is?

2. Do you know what people mean when they say, "it's a fish?"

3. Do you know what RockOn Tv is? (I'm thinking the tv stuff in the zoo tv tour?)

4. Do you have every U2 video on tape? (Excluding Red Hill Mining Town)? The question isn't the question it's WHY excluding RHMT?

5. Do you know what the U2 Bible is?

6. Do you know about the orange pillow?

7. Do you know where Hawkmoon is?

8. Do you know what the nicknames of Larry and Adam are?

9. Have you made u2 cookies? (I could probably figure this out but what does a u2 cookie consisty of?)

10. Alright and last night no one answered "Do you know who the dancing monkey is?" I still do not! Answer me dammnit! :)
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