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Now- I dont know if everyone went to this but..

that post that julylorelei put up.. about Bono, has video clips in it. And it has a whooole buncha people covering U2 (I dont know if it's just me but I love cover songs) ANYWAYS- Elvis Costello does an 'angry' version of Kite while Sheryl Crow belts out Bad (at least.. I think its that song, I cant tell) BUUUT! At the very end, theres Bono & The Edge singing Night & Day and to quote Little Richard 'Good Golly Miss Molly' the boys are back in town b/c Bono is amazing.. I want them to tour SOOOOOOOOOOO bad this summer.. oi vay!

The point is.. goooo waaaatch iiit!!!!!!!!!!!!
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