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Two questions...

1) Does anybody know if there is a video file of The Edge and Bono's Today Show performance on the on any U2 sites yet? I completely forgot about The Today Show appearance this morning :( I know that someone has posted an MP3 of it here but I'd like to see a video of it as well. If anyone recorded it and is willing to make me a copy please email me. I'm in dire need of owning that performance on video! I'm willing to pay anything -- almost.

2) In my English class in a few weeks we will be analyzing songs. Perfect chance to bring in some U2 to the mix. We get extra credit for: writing a one page biography on the band/singer of the song (Score!), playing the song to our class, and explaining the meaning of the lyrics. Which U2 song do you guys recommend I chose? I'm not asking for any help on the analysis part because I can do that fine on my own, I just need some suggestions for what song to pick. There are so many to chose from!

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