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The Magic Slide

The Boys were trekking through the desert and came upon a Magician standing at the top of a slide.

"This is a Magic slide", he said, "when you slide down, ask for a drink. You shall then land in a huge glass of that drink"

The Boys were thrilled. Bono went first, sliding down yelling "Wiiiiiiiiiine!". He landed in a huge glass of wine and was happy as can be.

The Edge went next. He yelled "Whiskeeeeeeeeeeeeey!", and landed in a huge glass of Jameson. He was thrilled.

Larry went next. He hollered "Guinneeeeeeeeeeeeess!", and was ecstatic when he splashed in a huge glass of Guinness.

Adam went last. As he slid down the slide, he gleefully yelled "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

The others looked at each other and thought "wanker!"

LOL! I crack me up!

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