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Hello Hello!!

March 7th, 2003

See birds argue, a long goodbye. @ 11:39 pm

I'm currently feelin: awake
I'm currently hearin: u2 - the hands that built america

I can't wait for the new album. I can;t wait for the next tour! AGHH!!!!!! I need to start saving some money and stuff for the concerts. I remember when I was standing in line for Elevation - Atlanta- March 30th 2001 talking to other fellow obsessed fans and we agreed at the most for one ticket we would pay is about $300. Granted if I had more than that I would most likely pay it..... Anybody else ever found them in that situation with U2? Like you know you can't afford it but the love and the passion just drives you to do it? That's how I feel when I listen to their music. It just makes me feel so alive, moving in space and time, excited and enthralled.

What can I say? I'm obsessed ;-)

On a side note I filled out a place in the U2 fan directory on @U2 and for my picture I picked one of Adam. I like him over all the others because he's just this cool, laid back, kind of guy that once was really into partying and a wild youth but now he's just....mellow! I love the picture of him on the front of ATYCLB. It's like you could just put the caption above his head: "Oh, hello!" hehheh. I still think he's got that expression Larry said when he first saw him: "I wanna be in a band with him!" LOL.
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Date:March 8th, 2003 07:04 am (UTC)
lol....i hardly have any money....i couldn't afford $300 for a ticket....thank god my dad loves U2 as well is all i can say!!
Date:March 9th, 2003 09:48 am (UTC)
the most I paid for a ticket was $150 for a GA in baltimore. of course money wasn't much of issue for me because I live with my parents and don't have to worry about paying bills of my own. :p also I never spend my money on anything but music anyways so it didnt make much difference. :p the experience was well worth my money! of course I'll be college come next tour so who knows what I'll be willingly to pay then. but thats ok I'm glad I took the chance when it presented itself- even if it was $150. :)

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!