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OKAY here's what we have to do.

In honor of Adam's birthday lets all contribute stuff we've read or seen about our favorite bassist: Adam Clayton!

First a quote from NME, October 14th 2000: To bono: "You're alwasy surrounded by supermodels, home come?" Bono: "Adam. "

At the brit awards once an editor zoomed up to Adam and said something complete idiotic. So with champagne glass aloft in the poshest voice imaginable he said: 'Clear aaaaaawfff!!!!"

The Simpsons:

Adam:"Look guys! I got a Springfield spoon for my spoon collection."
Edge:"Oh, here we go....."
Bono:"How many spoons have you got now, Adam?"
Adam:"Nine. If I didnt have my spoons I'd go insane."
Bono:"Can I see it?"[throws it over his shoulder]
Adam:"My spoon!!!"

and my favorite Adam quote of all time is from the U2 online global q&a:

JO WHILEY: What's the biggest event of your life so far, it's a major question?

ADAM CLAYTON: So far, well, the biggest one I was there for has to be my own birth, at nine months after my conception. So, that's a big one, and I'm still getting over it.


On a personal note I read that Adam's house sits overlooking the school which expelled him; the expulsion letter itself hanging above his toilet! So whenever I get something chastizing me for my misfit behavior (yes I was a problem child) I merely smile, walk into my bathroom, and hang it above my toilet!!!!
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