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Just kickin around here before I go to work listening to U2 (as usual) and I found a six minute version of Walk On. I don't know where it is from but I was listening to it expectign to hear my favorite ending part "hallelujah". However instead I was greeted with "How long, how long, must we sing this song" and I literally SQUEELED in delight!

Jeez its too early to be this happy heheheh

On a side note my parents once asked me why I liked U2 so much. In response (and I'm saying this because i want to know everyone elses opinion) I told them it was because everything about them, from the music to the fans, made me feel happy. Their whole personality, way of life, beliefs, and most of all their music just walk in step with me. Their fans are good people who (for the most part heh) have a good head on their shoulders and are naturally just good people. Going to a U2 concert is not just going to hear some band from Ireland play music for a couple of hours, it's like walking into a room with 20,000 of your favorite family members and having the tim of your life, leaving all the cares in the world behind. I don't hold them up as iconic or prophet but when they speak, I respect them enough to at least stop and listen.

So my parents said those were all good things, while at the same time I'm sure, remembering their youths listening to Janis Joplin and the Stones hehehheehe.
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