bitches get stuff done (chelsea_energy) wrote in u2,
bitches get stuff done

new fake journal

I've created the fake journal of Mr. MacPhisto, the devil/retired rockstar. He is in no way expecting to associate with the other members of U2 who have fake journals on LJ. He realizes they have an established story line of their own, and does not want to interfere. MacPhisto is here solely to be the devil he is and entertain the masses. He is not intending on being Bono in any sense, just playing the part that Bono created over ten years ago. If you'd like to read his musings, feel free to add him to your friends list. I now return you to your regularily scheduled madness.

p.s. Warning: slashy topics may arise, as that is how my brain works. And sorry for the cross-posting!
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