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Tattoo stuff

I want to get a couple more tattoos. One of them is going to be a thistle (for my ancestral Scotland) and the other(s) are U2 related.

One idea was to get a four-leafed clover, but instead of an outline of plain black lines I'd have the band's names basically the shape of the lobes of the clover would be outlined with BONO THE EDGE ADAM LARRY and then the inside would be green.

The second idea would be to have someone sketch out faces blending together, so that I'd have four distinct faces in a square (two on top, two below) but where they touch, they'd blend, Bono's right cheek would blend to The Edge's left, The Edge's chin would blend to the top of Larry's head, Larry's left cheek would blend to Adam's right, and the top of Adam's head would blend with Bono's chin....but it'd all be in black and white sketch...

Any thoughts? Or other ideas?
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