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Glad I found this community...

hello everyone I guess I should introduce myself and such...
I am a BIG U2 fan...pretty much love all of their stuff
I am the biggest Edge fan hes my #1 Fav guitar player followed by:
#2 Reeves Gabrels (from David Bowie's Band)
#3 David Gilmour (from Pink Floyd)
Heres my most surreal experience with U2 in Concert:
During the last nite at the Elevation show in the L.A. Staples Center, I was fortunate enough to position myself right in front of Edge to pretty much watch him all night (im a struggling guitar player) During PRIDE I was setting up for a camera shot when I noticed that for some reason, Edge was LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME, I immediately motioned with my hands in some sort of sign language "give me your pick" And he smiled a big smile and as he turned, he kind of pretended to toss the pick at me real quick. Anyone who has the bootleg video of this concert could see this (barely) And no, I didnt get the pick, but at least came out with this story...
Thanks people!
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