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it's not so black and white

just saw bono (and edge) on mtv2 news. that mtv news guy started talking, saying 'these rockers have been the most outspoken, blah, have not yet spoken out about the war'. in the background the were playing sbs, gone, love is blindness and walk on (and possibly a few more i can't remember).
edge said how much he identifies with everyone marching in the streets for peace. and bono.... they showed at least five minutes of him speaking. the man is so fucking intelligent. anyway, he was talking about bush and blair... saying they are "sincere in their action to try to protect america. but they are sincerley wrong" in the way they are doing it. "you can't go in with your big boots and stomp around". he spoke about 11 sept he said it is a fact (and yes it is) that we richer we got, the less we gave. and he said, in that situation, "what would you do? what the fuck would you do? ..... "we can't ignore the fact that people are dying because they can't get clean water. we can't ignore the fact that people are dying because they can't get the medicine they need. and they know we have it."

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