Hyperbole is my primary form of expression (bloodfever) wrote in u2,
Hyperbole is my primary form of expression

*That* Awards Ceremony

Let me firstly say that I love U2. I adore U2. I worship at the alter of U2. We clear?

Now let me say that the things i have read so far on the Oscars is pretty disappointing. I congratulate the Academy for having the...errm...balls to actually allow someone as "controversial" as Eminem to win. He has as much right to that award as U2 has. I read someone say somewhere (pls forgive me) in this community that "Lose Yourself" is one of the best rap tracks out there and that person is 100% spot on. Im not a rap fan or an Eminem fan by any stretch of the imagination but heres a newsflash people....just because it aint U2 does not mean it has no merit.

I also read another comment basically acusing Eminem of not responding to these "troubled times" and deflecting the focus of bands that do (a la U2, of course). Since when does music HAVE to be a commentary? A lot of U2 isnt a political commentary, its a personal one - and does anyone here think that "With or Without You" is any less of a song than "Pride" (on that basis and for eg)? So the song that won wasnt entirely politically based. Get over it.

Im more concerned with how the boys were on stage. I live in Oz so wont get to see their performance for another couple of hours. How much Adam???!!! ;)

I personally also think that the Boys would be happy that Eninem got recognised. Hasnt Bono been quoted somewhere praising him?
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