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Hello Hello!!

March 25th, 2003

(no subject) @ 08:18 pm

I'm currently feelin: bored bored


Okay I downloaded New York live from the Boston CD and right after Bono does the little buda bah bada bah part does he say "Mexico" ????

I havent listened t the DVD yet but I think I will go do that right now.
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Date:March 25th, 2003 05:39 pm (UTC)
"So miss the call"???

You can find out stuff like this at www.u2wanderer.org! If you just go to the lyrics section...and click on the Boston DVD version...you can see everything that is said. Its a great website.

Here's the link for New York: http://www.u2wanderer.org/disco/vid08_07.php

and for the whole concert DVD: http://www.u2wanderer.org/disco/vid08.html

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!