Heretical Prophet (u2biscuit) wrote in u2,
Heretical Prophet

Open for Business

I recently got a new computer with a CD Burner, and I am anxious to start trading U2 concert recordings.

So far, the only one I have is the 4th Boston Elevation show, June 9, 2001. The recording is called "Heart-Shaped Show" and it is very good quality. Aboout as good as you can get without being a soundboard recording I think.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of this recording, I'm willing to trade for just about any U2 concert at this point, because I want to grow my collection. However, I'm particularly interested in the Chicago May 16, 2001 Elevation show, May 24/25, 2001 in Toronto, New Year's Eve 1989 in Dublin, and late 3rd leg Elevation shows.

Let me know if you are interested in a trade by replying to this post, and we can work out the details.
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