Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"The Day the World Went Away..."

Anybody remember the NEGATIVLAND incident about 11 years ago involving U2?? Well, it started out as a mockery of "I STill Haven't Found.." which featured Casey Kasem doing a snippet he wished he could get out of!! Ahhaaaha...long story! Anyway, it later became a public brawl that would later involve U2's management company and some lawyers here and there. At one time, I can recall Bono and The Edge thinking the parody and the whole controversy was hiliarious but their management thought otherwise...

Guns: Originally called "U2" but Negativland decided to change the name to protect the 'innocent'..

Not since our friend, HENRY ROLLINS, has a band been so publicly critical of the fabulous Dublin quartet...
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