Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire (signifiers) wrote in u2,
Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire

Well... I have a bit too much time on my hands....

Just a bit of fun I had...

It was a Beautiful Day in October when I stepped off the train at Zoo Station amidst Shadows and Tall Trees. I walked through the forest and quickly found myself in a city Where The Streets Have No Name. This city was atop a One Tree Hill, and, disoriented by the Elevation, I set off again.
I neared the main street of the town, and In A Little While found out that this was Red Hill Mining Town. The people here looked at me and called me The Wanderer, which I suppose I was. So, I went to Walk On. I went past The Playboy Mansion and a Discotheque, looking for a place to stay. Finally, I found A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel. ONce I was inside, a man came up to me and asked me to try their Chinese food, claiming it was Even Better Than The Real Thing. I kindly refused, and went back outside, now wondering why all these people were having such A Celebration. They told me it was our Last Night On Earth, so I decided to Stay, at least Until The End Of The World.
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