Elizabeth (elizabethmarie) wrote in u2,

Project Help

Hello everyone. I am writing a paper for my Mass Media and Society class about how U2's reputation has grown into what it is today, specifically it's growth in the last five years. A huge part of the research method I am using is including information from fans of the band. This is where you guys come in:)

If you are interesed in helping me out, please email me at monpetitchou@hotmail.com and put "u2 research" in the subject. I have a questionnaire I will send out to everyone to get your feedback. The more information I collect, the better my paper will be, so please take a few minutes to help me out! I promise I won't make the questionnaire to long or boring. Besides, it's always fun to talk about a favorite band:)

I hope to hear from many of you guys soon, and have a great day!
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