Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire (signifiers) wrote in u2,
Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire

Okay... sorry for all these posts, but this was too funny not to share.

Anyway, last night I introduced my seven-year-old niece to U2 by way of my desktop wallpaper (which, obviously, features U2.) She wasn't quite sure who they were, so referred to them as 'them guys' and each individual as 'that guy'. She was very critical of their looks (especially of their hair) and her comments had me cracking up.

On Edge: She told me that he needs glasses (and was very adamant on this fact). Also, 'he needs more hair instead of that stupid hat.' (hahaha!)

On Larry: 'He needs more hair.' (Apparently, Larry can't be improved much, hmm?)

On Adam: 'He needs to grow his hair really really long, like Rapunzel, but straight up!' (This one really made me laugh)

And... well, she didn't say anything about Bono, as far as I heard.

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