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~*Magnet for Bad Boys and Unavailable Men*~

Someone asked earlier to post some points from U2: Rattle and Hum that I (others) thought were interesting. Here's my list.

#1. Sunday, Bloody, Sunday is the best performance on the DVD! It sent chills up my spine and Bono's speech was chilling. Although it's towards the end of the DVD, it's the best performance I thought. On a personal Larry note, just once I'd like the camera to get a shot of just the drums throughout the song so we can see exactly how Larry does it.

#2. With or Without You was a great performance and the cameras were incredible shooting it.

#3. The band during interview spots were funny. In the interview after Desire: Larry mocks Adam's hand movements.

#4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was great w/the gospel choir.

#5. Larry was too cute blinking during pics.

#6. Angel of Harlem recording had Larry messing up and Bono calling him Laurdence and picking on his feet.

#7. Backstage Larry "takes charge" before performing When Love Comes to Town w/B.B. King. The band has a great chemistry w/him.

#8. Graceland visit took my breath away. Larry was acting like a lil' boy. Larry on the Harley was great. While talking about his feelings about Elvis being buried in Graceland, Larry gets choked up and emotional. All in all the Graceland segment was fantastic.

#9. It shocked me to see Larry in such great spirits and smile a lot back in that era.

So those are my favorite points. Not in exact order, but I hope it helps. This DVD is a must have for any U2 fan!
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