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U2 in Starbucks

I forgot to mention this, albeit, it's rather trivial.

But U2 fans love trivial U2 information, so here it goes:

About 2 weeks ago I met up with my old manager from when I worked at an internet company. He was the coolest manager to work for because he was a die hard U2 fan and had been following them since he saw them in a local Vancouver club in 1982.

Nevertheless, we decided to meet up at the Starbucks coffee shop at my university campus. As we were chatting, I recogized the music in the background. It was U2.

But not new U2! It was old-school Boy U2! I couldn't believe it! I was not expecting to hear the entire Boy album at Starbucks... home to prefabricated trendy jazz CD's. Instead, I was treated to my favourite band.

They also played the Cure, which also made me very happy. :) Nevertheless, I thought I'd share that trivial U2 moment with you.
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