She's running to stand...... Still. (u2lynne) wrote in u2,
She's running to stand...... Still.

From Interference

New Album News

Recently, an Interferencer made the journey to Hanover Studio in Dublin and was lucky enough to speak with Adam Clayton about the new U2 studio album. Apparently, Adam relayed that the band were "nearly done," and that possibly only four songs are still needing final vocals and other various treatments...

This builds upon speculation that has been rampant among the U2 community as to when the new U2 studio album will make it's bow. Previous information we have gleaned from the press include Bono and Edge referring to the newie as a "guitar album" and that they have been inspired by the new garage rock phenomenon. Read into that what you will. Also of note in February was the revelation that U2 was working with a producer they have not used before for a "trial period."

Could things be finally coming together over there in merry Dublin? Stay tuned!

Yippeeee! I hope this is true and that we will get a new album by the end of the year. Oh, and a tour next summer. Wouldn't that be awesome!
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