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April 16th, 2003

(no subject) @ 09:50 pm

In most of the tapes I've seen of ZooTV (esp the Australia DVD), there's a cross that turns into a swastika during 'Bullet the Blue Sky.'

Does anyone know if I can find an animation of this on the net? If not, can someone tell me how to make one (if that's possible)? I have a project for my western civilization class, and I'd LOVE to incorporate that into it.

Thank you in advance.
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Date:April 17th, 2003 05:55 am (UTC)
there are loadsa animation making downloads on the web if you can't find a pic. if you want one that just turns from a cross to a swastika with no morphing then search for unFREEz, its a really simple but effective animation program thingy.
Good Luck!

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!