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Hello Hello!!

April 25th, 2003

A gift from me. @ 01:16 pm

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Many eons ago (actually 8yrs) I went to my first U2 concert at Death Valley stadium in Clemson South Carolina. Ever since then I have looked forward to the concerts with overwhelming excitement. Not just because the music is the best life has to offer, that the entertainers themselves are four of the finest human beings in the universe, but because I also get to spend time with some of the greatest FRIENDS this life has. Every time I have gone to a U2 concert I have had the great pleasure of standing in line with, sitting with, and enjoying the great music with some really great people.



Take this information down because you'll thank me later.

I live in midtown Atlanta. There is a high probability that U2 will indeed be coming through here, most likely to the Phillips Arena. I would be happy to show anyone around Atlanta and guide you to the Phillips Arena (or wherever they are playing). I live at 10th and Piedmont in midtown Atlanta and I have a huge parking garage available to anyone who wants to use it. I'll happily stand by with my remote controller to let you in :) Just up 10th street about three blocks is MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rail Transit Authority); think the NYC subway system in it's primal infancy. There is a subway stop at Phillips (where incidentally is the CNN center). I will be taking Marta (cost as of this notice is $1.25 one way) and will most likely be there VERY early.

If the concert starts at 7pm don't think I won't camp out :-P Naugh I don’t know exactly what I will do. Last time when I had GA tickets for the heart I got in line about 8am (memory lane adventure here, skip down unless you don’t like warm fuzzy feelings). I was about 20th in line and sat with some marvelous people. They held my place while I ran the 10 blocks or so back to my hotel because I forgot something. We sang songs together. They told me all the little things I should know: the back of the heart is the best place; don't forget the second wrist band etc. By 6:30pm the line had grown to well over 500 people. It stretched (literally) around the entire arena. Suddenly security appeared looking just as dumb as ever. They proceeded to SPLIT the line in half and bring those people around to form a new line; thereby creating two lines.

Security then did the worst thing they could have ever dreamed: they walked away. Suddenly the doors fly open and everyone RUSHES the door. I linked arms with two girls (imagine the scene) and strong armed our way into the arena, got our wristbands, and within 20 seconds of walking through the door we had run our happy self’s down and into the heart. Nelly Fratada got on stage and everybody left (I’m making this short for your benefit). What everyone DIDN'T KNOW was that you HAD to get the second wrist band or you WOULD NOT be allowed back in the heart. This was a Phillips Arena thing not U2 (or so I’m told). When the boys came on stage there were approximately 20,000 people pressed all around us...outside the heart. Inside there was only 100 (if that). WE HAD DANCING ROOM! The FLY danced with the Belly Dancer (an outstanding sight) and for two and half solid hours I was no more than four feet from Bono; and I've got pictures to prove it!!! hehe.

Anywhos that is just one of the many stories I have about going to the concerts. At a U2 concert I have met some of the nicest people in life. I've seen the first and only act of random kindness (while standing in line no less!) at the concert. I've also been very fortunate to have gone period. SO! To help my other fellow fanatics I am willing to do whatever I can help others get to the concerts.

Now mind you at of this posting I live in a 700sq ft studio but because I am a rather poor college student there is no furniture which leaves a good bit of space for sleeping bags; I have an air mattress that you have to re-inflate every two hours someone can have. I live a few blocks from the Marta station. I have free parking.

Spread the word: When the time comes for us all to head to the great temple of the Fly, the Mirror Ball man, the Lemon, and our father Mr. McPhisto I will be happy to put anyone up, give directions, lead around etc. Here is my contact info:

Jonathan Posey
250 Tenth Street NE
Atlanta GA


Send me your plans, requests, etc. and if I can help I will. If the tour is after this December I will (most likely) be in a bigger apartment upstairs or in a house. Not sure. In any case the email address will be valid for the rest of my life, if I can help it.

Okay enough down memory lane and being all lovey dovey. I gotta head to work!!!! LOL

Be well, Godspeed, and Take me to that other place :)


These were taken March 30th 2001 at my first Elevation concert. Cute captions printed below picture!

Does this remind you of something?

That should've been ME he was reaching to!!!!

Alas he looks right past me :(

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Date:April 25th, 2003 05:51 pm (UTC)

i was at that atlanta show too!! i was about 25 people down from you in line. isn't that crazy?
my friend and i were at the "bottom" of the heart as well, just as close to bono as we could get. :) ahh, that was an amazing experience.
Date:April 25th, 2003 06:33 pm (UTC)
*blink* *blink* REALLY?!
I have pictures of myself with a couple of the people. What do you look like? I was dressed in a white shirt and pants, with a backpack (filled with cd's and books heh). I was at the tip of the heart the whole time. It was grand!
Date:April 25th, 2003 09:41 pm (UTC)

i was wearing purple vinyl pants and a black tank top. i think i had something on over the tank top for awhile (before the concert started and i was dancing around rabidly). I have long brown hair.

i probably looked at your cds at one point. i was sitting directly behind the crazy girls with the "bonoism" t-shirts that made the suitcase-shaped card.
Date:April 25th, 2003 10:01 pm (UTC)

And the girls with the Bonism t-shirts, I loved those shirts!!! I had one of their addresses around for the longest time because they said if I sent some money they would print me one. Hmmmmmmmmm *breaks out the photo album* ARGH where are those photos!!! When we were all sitting outside I picked Zoo Station for those girls with the stereo to play. I gave one of them a CD I burned with Ultra Violet on it. Inside I was wearing umm hmmmm I know a white t-shirt, dark bookbag, and long pants... I was standing beside an older lady, tall with long brown hair, and another girl about 5'4 with short black hair and a...purple shirt *thinks really hard*.

I was sitting beside the girls with the Bonoism shirts. When the door flew open I linked arms with two girls and stormed in! LOL.

Wow this is really neat. 2 years later and I've actually found soemone I MOST LIKELY stood next to if not talked to! LOL. Gosh the close knit community of U2 fanatics. What fun. I'll keep searching for the pictures. What else do you remember?

See ya!
Date:April 27th, 2003 10:48 am (UTC)
heh heh, i can't remember how we got through the doors in time to get bracelets, but we did! i don't remember who i was standing next to because most of the time i was in shock that i was so close to the band. ;)

it's so wierd to "bump into" you two years later!
Date:May 18th, 2003 10:40 pm (UTC)
I was cleaning out my library (books) and I found a picture tucked away of me, next to a girl with black hair just above shoulder length with a DC Talk shirt on and beside her is a girl in a black shirt, choker and a long necklace hanging down. This was taken at the back of the heart.

Seem familar?
Date:May 19th, 2003 06:20 pm (UTC)


not unless the black shirt was a tank top....
Date:April 25th, 2003 10:09 pm (UTC)
Hey! I'm Savannah, GA! Which puts me ina position to se U2 in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Jacksonville... Or all three. =D But Atlanta is a major possibility. When the time comes, you better eleive I'll remember your offer. ^_^
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Date:April 25th, 2003 10:53 pm (UTC)
I love U2 fans.

Right now I'm a freshman at Belmont University in Nashville. I'm sure U2 will come through here...but I have to see them more than once....so Jonathan, I may very well take you up on that offer for help around ATL if I decide to head out there. I'll be sure to keep in contact with you, and thanks!
Date:April 25th, 2003 11:37 pm (UTC)
Oh...you will...you will. heheh. I got a separate credit card just for the concerts. I'm fully prepared this time, debt or not, to see as many shows as I can. Being in Atlanta means I can reach Bama, Mississippi, Atlanta, South Carolina, Floria, and Tennessee!!! heheh. Damn if I get a no fixed limit I might just dig myself a deeeeeeep hole and follow them around. I'm a junior at georgia state university, ergo an obsessed college studnet. What do I know about money! lol :-P


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