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I'm Kelly, the person who has been making the Achtoon Baby cartoons for @U2. One of my friends thought I should create a journal where I could post individual panels of my cartoons. Anyone who wants to see my paintings a little bit larger and without text can do so here. I'll also add a few comments about them.

The very idea of a J.Lo/Bono duet is just tragically bad, but when I first heard about it all I could think was, "Man, this is comic gold."

The new tan sunglasses are interesting to paint and a nice change of pace, and I like his hair this way.
award du jour

Finally, a chance to paint a full-length, backlit Bono. For some reason the shoes were a real highlight for me.
I'm sick of Bono

I'm very happy with the way this one turned out. It took about two hours, and I was watching "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" while I painted it (highly recommended).
a mole!

Bruce, Bono, Dre, and Elvis were hard to paint because their faces were only about an inch and a half tall. I've been a Bruce fan for over 20 years and know the idiosyncrasies of his face pretty well. Bono here is only OK. I'm not happy with his eyes, the little beard-thingy is too dark, and he looks kind of ratlike, sorry.
Bruce, Bono

For a while I considered leaving Elvis's hands out, but I'm glad I didn't. I think they liven up this section. And you should never forget about Dre. I was thrilled to be able to paint these two. (I'm leaving Jennifer Lopez out of most of these pictures because it's still pretty disturbing to think about, isn't it?)
Dre, Elvis

Happy accident: he ended up looking vulnerable and hurt, as if the Rollins remark continues to sting. The orange sunglasses are all right, but I was forced to give him brown eyes (orange + blue = brown). He looks more like Bono when he wears the blue ones.
Why does he hate me so much?

I think this panel was too light in my finished cartoon. This one looks better. I'm happy with Bono's hands, and I wish he would smile like this more.
I'm serious.

Edge is my favorite one to paint, no question about it. His face is so sculptural, and for a lot of reasons he's much easier to paint than Bono. I tried to make it seem like he was thinking You're just as dumb as a box of rocks, aren't you?
I play guitar

I've got to say this is the best Edge I've painted.
on your own

J.Lo was a snap to paint, and I enjoy painting women. Her dress took about an hour, and then I had to paint it again on Bono. Everything about Bono was an ordeal. I took an Achtung Baby era photo and aged it. The end product: I think he looks kind of creepy, but I decided to go with it. I mean, he is singing with J.Lo, after all.
j.lo &

If you want to see more of this kind of thing, please add me to your friends list. :) Later on I plan to post panels from past months.
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