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i was just sitting here thinking about my experience with listening to U2. i wasn't immediately drawn to them. i didn't used to like them 'cos i saw a really creepy movie when i was little. all i remember is a guy that kidnapped a girl and then she got away and was hiding in this house. the creepy guy was walking through the house sing, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. anyways, it creeped me out, and i kind of refused to listen to them for a long time. but when ATYCLB came out, i loved it. i went and saw them play in detroit during the elevation tour. it's the best show i ever went to, regardless of the fact that my seats sucked.

i didn't REALLY get into U2 until i started listening to Actung Baby. at that time, i was having problems with my boyfriend and i could really relate to the whole feel and atmosphere of that album. since then, i've been hooked. i realized that U2 was an amazing band that could write music and lyrics that i could connect with at any time, happy or sad.

i want to know what great experiences other U2 fans have had with the band and their music. what was the "moment" for you? also, for those who have seen them live...something strange happened to me during their performance of Sunday, Bloody Sunday. i think it had to do with where i was sitting in the arena and the frequency of everyone singing the song...i got extremely nauseous during that song. i honestly thought i was going to puke. anyone else have this happen to them?? just wondering...

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