Carolynn (ggcare) wrote in u2,

another grandma story

my grandma was over again for mother's day (i know, a little late for this posting but oh well) and i was getting on the computer and she saw my wallpaper and said, "oh how neat your computer is with u2 and the edge..." it was so cool that she actually knew that. while i'm posting i myzwell tell you all that i just bought a u2 poster saturday. it's of them in the airport just like the elevation tour post cards. i love it! i literally had no room on my walls for it so i had to make it kind of a cover thing for my movie rack. it works. also, for those of you in the LA area you probably already know but arrow fm named u2 number 10 on the list of the biggest classic rock bands of all time. the bands were voted on by the listeners. oh and one more thing...i don't know if any of you have seen vh1's 100 sexiest rock stars show but bono got #17 (he's #1 in my book!). my mom just walked in my room to tell me that i missed an interview with bono on the news. thanks mom for telling me after the fact. errr.
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