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i had my last final today so i was in the library at school and out of the corner of my eye i saw a shirt that said, "achtung baby" so out of instinct i pointed and said, "she has a u2 shirt on!" the girl kinda looked at me like i was a freak until she realized what i said. my friends told her what a u2 freak i am and she said "i am too, look i have a picture of bono!" so she got out her planner and there he was. she told me that she had her good luck shirt on. i asked her if she had a sticker on her car and i was jealous to hear that she did. i asked her where she got it since i have been looking all over for one and she said that she's not from here and she got it from a record store near where she lives. she said that u2 is her favorite band and i told her they were mine too. it was really cool because i have never seen anybody that's like me with that at school. hmmm...maybe i should have gotten her name. i think she has the same major in me because it looked like she was studying the same things i do. maybe i'll come across her again.
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