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November 10th, 2001

Where my friend and I will be sitting this Friday night @ 10:49 am

A friend and I are going to see U2 this Friday night in Oakland, and I think we've done a bit of an upgrade over where we were looking at being stuck, initially. At first, I bought a ticket in Section 227 (the first flashing circle I made) just for myself, but when I learned she'd never seen U2 before, I tried getting a pair of tickets instead. Tickets.com only had pairs left in the 227 area, and given that they're diagonally behind the stage, I was fearful of having views blocked.

So, after checking eBay I found a pair in 208 (the second flashing circle I made) that we wound up paying only $10 more for than we would've paid through Tickets.com, fees factored in. The new spot should give us a great angle to view the stage and screens from!

What do you think for it being close to the last minute and not being able to afford something more expensive?

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Date:November 10th, 2001 01:57 pm (UTC)
I hope your seats are good in 208....thats about the position we sat in for Birmingham in August and they weren't very good- the sound was ick, you really couldn't see anything on stage and then as our luck would have it, the cameras for the big screen shots started playing up....but that may have just been the NEC Arena. We sat in seats similar to the 227 section seats in Manchester and they were absolutely awesome, being so close to the stage and all....

Hope you have a great time!

U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!