Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who


I'm still surprised as to how practically NONE of the live performances from the Music Cares Award 2003: Love Rocks ceremony that honored Bono with a Humanitarian of the year award has not surfaced on the net anywhere besides the very short clips from CNN's website. Actually, the only song I wanted to hear was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's cover version of "Stories For Boys". I'm sure that performance rocked everybody's knickers off that night!!!!!

Anyone hear of any of these Mp3's floating around the net??? I'd appreciate any leads or whatever...

Speaking of B.R.M.C...they're an excellent band!!!! I think it's about time America produced a great band....Interpol + B.R.M.C. are giving Amerika some hope in the music scene. It's about time!!!!!!
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