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It was twenty years ago today

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That love came to town. I was attending El Camino JC and wanted to celebrate the beginning of summer, so I went to the LA Sports Arena for this Irish band. I'm trying to figure out how half my life has been like this, and how everything is catching up to me now. Erich, Kevin, Jon, Ed and I wanted to be close but by the time we lined up we were 80 something in line. We were between Adam and Bono on the right of the stage. I don't think it had anything to do with the opening band, The Alarm, but it was kinda crazy in the front and we weren't able to really appreciate the show what with trying to remain upright, I didn't think this was totally out of line and I have been in far worse situations since then. But by the time that U2 came on, this was the first time headlining an arena, they played with an urgency. They wanted this large hall to become a small room. That was the recurring theme of the entire night. As far as the crowd, there were a lot of people getting on stage and running across and diving back in the crowd. I think that threw the band off stride and that is why Bono went well into the crowd during Electric Co. By and large there was not hundreds and hundreds of people trying to get a piece of Bono, and even when he jumped from the loge to the floor of the sports arena, it wasn't a big deal to catch him. But the amount of sway the band gave the crowd that night really caught me off guard and given the fact that they more subtle parts of the concert were moving was what blew me away. During "The Black Cat" as Bono called it, in the segue where he sings, "we've been waiting, we've been waiting all daay, for you, fooor yooou, fooor yoou" each for you becoming softer and more sincere I had moments of this will be my band. It was and is difficult for me to put my emotions in perspective on just how it is, even now. After what felt like five minutes it was over but I don't think it had even dawned on me who or what I had seen, that wouldn't come for another year and a half. And I thought that they were only good but I also thought that the potential was something else, that they were trying to prove something. I was captivated by the innocence, and the all out question of authority, and what sort of concern for others, just sketches for what is now a tapestry. Of course myself being nineteen at the time, this was all I needed, we all had a very eventful evening.

Just don't try to convince me that this obsession has been half my life, I don't ever think I'll come to terms with that.

Bono on June 17th, 1983

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