jay el dee (jayelde) wrote in u2,
jay el dee

Random Trivial U2 Refs

Just some randomness - the other night on a TV show down here called Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, Denton was interviewing Jim Carrey. They were talking about relationships and hollywood woman as girlfriends/wives. To one question on this topic Carrey's answer was...

"and a woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle, he was tryin' to throw his arms around the world" (sung quiet well too!)

...lol...so...surely Carrey is a HUGE U2 fan! Maybe.

Recently I have discovered the comedic musings of Weird Al Yankovic...and I'm finding him highly hilarious! I've been hunting for any U2 parodies that he may have done. I've only found his take off of "Hold Me, Thrill Me..." called "Cavity Search". Lol...it's great...very well done. Does anyone know if Weird Al has done any other U2 songs??

"My teeth are a fright...got a huge overbi-(h)ite...
Numb me, drill me, floss me, bill meeeeeeee"
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