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U2 to appear on Jay Leno next week

Here's an email I got from the @U2 mailing list that I am part of.

(This is from an article now appearing on the Reuters news service.)

Leno also will present a special Thanksgiving Day telecast from his NBC
studio in Burbank, Calif., to be beamed live on Armed Forces Radio and
Television Services, which reaches U.S. military personnel stationed in 175
countries around the world.

Producers plan to fill the studio audience with servicemen and women for the
show. Leno's guests for the Thanksgiving broadcast, which will air on NBC on
Nov. 22, will include Irish rock band U2 and former ''Baywatch'' star Pamela


A friend of mine has a cousin that works for the Tonight Show and I just emailed her. She should confirm sometime today. I'll keep you guys posted if you want :-)
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