Carolynn (ggcare) wrote in u2,

Propaganda (U2 tribute band)

last thursday i went and saw the u2 tribute band propaganda at the harp inn in costa mesa. it was pretty funny, all of them except the the one that was supposed to be the edge dressed up like them. the larry and the adam were pretty good. the bono one had the jacket and the glasses and stuff. i have to say that i think i liked exit better though. they seemed to have more passion and they knew the songs better. propaganda completely messed up 'one' (the singer didn't know the all). i applaud them for attempting it but that is just a song that you shouldn't sing if you don't know it. they did play quite a few songs though which was really cool. i would probably go see them again if they were playing close by and they said that they were just learning some of the songs so considering that they were pretty good. was anybody else there? if so let me know what you thought =).
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