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oh my god!

hello all : )
i would like to say... I PLAYED WITH GUITAR WITH U2!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes. : )
i still cannot believe it. its a dream come true. we played people get ready. i have wanted this since i learned that they used to pull people up during joshua tree. (i have been playing guitar for 6 years - i am 20) i thought they had moved past it.. but theres something so magical about this tour, the vibe of being so laid back and free. i have been blessed beyond belief. i even saw a show in london and both slane shows!!!!!!!! i am having the greatest year of my life (so far).
up with the sun!!!!!!!!

check out:


i dont even know what to say. these guys are so so kind. they were thanking ME! edge said i was fantastic and bono said "if edge ever gets sick..." hehhehe

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