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thanks guys! maybe the most incredible thing about the experience is that there were so many little moments inside the whole thing. i wish i could describe the look in edges eyes especially. he was just GLOWING.. this look of joy, of ecstacy, excitement for me.. my friends say when bono was walking me around the other side of the heart back to the tip (with his arm around me! telling me that he didnt mean what he said about guitar players.. that were too chicken to sing etc... he kept making up words), edge was walking fast, almost running, like wait for me! hee hee hee!! he wanted a hug too : ) i thanked them both for inspiring me, and they were thanking me! halfway thru the song bono motioned to adam and larry and they kicked in. ohhhh, let me tell you.. for a musician, knowing they are the best band in the world with the best rhythm section, to have them playing behind me was more than incredible. i walked over to adam and he GRINNNED at me and said "hi!" i just grinned back and said "hey!" and you know the irving plaza show in new york, when bono introduced larry and said his drums have altered the shape of his spine? thats what crossed my mind : )

fuckin hell yall.. as if this whole experience werent enough, we were hanging round the back of the arena when they came out, one by one (except larry). i had them sign my sign (which said "im a guitarist in a girl U2 cover band... if i could play, the night would be enough") when bono saw me he went ohhhhhhh!! and gave me a huge hug. he told people to take photos. when edge came out he also pointed at me and sorta laughed, like - hey, its you! and he told me i was fantastic (me: "no you were fantastic!") gave me another hug!!!!!

god... there are so many more little things.. i am trying to keep them all straight in my brain. sheesh!!!!!!!!
i am over the moon, up with the sun, ELEVATED beyond belief!!!!

tomorrow leaving for vegas, baby!!!!!!!!

*sigh* must contain myself!
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