Zilxy (zilxy) wrote in u2,

Right so it's been bugging me for a bit and really started as a late night musing (v. v. bad thing to start from)

So if one were to say, meet U2, in a none fannish setting (like say they just sat down with you for a lunch meeting, informal, relaxed, and impromptu) what would you call them?

I mean to be polite/informally formal, sorta border line.

for example => Adam Clayton. Easy enough, Mr. Clayton, right?

But Bono... would you call him Bono, or Vox (from Bono Vox) I mean well... Bono Vox is technically his name right? So wouldn't it be appropriate to go by a Mr. Vox? But that doesn't sound right, and just calling him Bono would be a bit odd if you were trying to be polite and use last names and such.

And The Edge? Mr. Edge? But the shirt said Mr. The Edge, and can you really coun't The as a name Mr. The, Mr. Edge, Mr. The Edge...*fuzzles*

and Larry... Mr. Mullen right? (he has junior though... Mr. Junior?)

... ... ... like I said it was late, and I haven't had much sleep since then... What would you call them?
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