Francine (_words_unspoken) wrote in u2,

Laser U2 Show

So I was just in Boston last week with my boyfriend, and we were in the Museum of Science when we saw that they were showing a Laser U2 show in the planetarium. Being the U2 fanatic that I am, I jumped at this and bought tickets. (For anyone who doesn't understand how these shows work, they play music and make a laser show to accompany it).

Let me just say that it was great! I loved it. There were like 20 or so people in the theater, and everyone was singing and clapping along to the songs, and the laser designs were impressive.

When I first walked in they were playing the Unforgettable Fire album while everyone took their seats, so that got me in the correct mindset immediately. They started the show with WTSHNN, then played I Will Follow. I don't remember the exact order of the rest (it was an hour show) but I know they played Pride (with a touching Dr. King tribute that almost brought me to tears), With or Without You, October, Zoo Station, Mysterious Ways, Desire, The Fly, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Beautiful Day. They ended with New Years Day.

Between the songs I would whisper to my boyfriend (a budding U2 fan) what song it was and what album it was from, along with any other tidbits. The show must have gotten to him because afterwards he asked me to make a U2 mix CD for him! haha, yay we've got another!

All in all it was a fun show to attend if you're a U2 fan. If any of you are in Boston and haven't seen it I suggest you check it out.

P.S.- They also had a Led Zepplin one incase any of you are interested in that
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