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Awesome bloody awesome

Yeah, they rocked my tits alright. U2 took out a few ALL THAT YOU CAN'T LEAVE BEHIND songs from last night's set list at Oakland. In not exact order, they played:

Beautiful Day
Until The End Of The World
New Year's Day
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Slow Dancing
Angel Of Harlem
A Sort Of Homecoming
All I Want Is You
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Bullet The Blue Sky
What's Going On
New York

Walk On

Wow was A Sort Of Homecoming a total shock! I believe they have only done it once before on ELEVATION 2001, and that was at home in Ireland. It was the Slane Castle gig, if I remember it correctly. Fitting for them to do it there. But Oakland?? Must be my lucky night. Bullet was awesome as usual. I can never get tired of New Year's Day, I Will Follow, and Sunday Bloody Sunday live. I'm glad they haven't buried those songs by not performing them, like they have with so many of their classic gems, like Gloria, The Electric Co., Twilight, An Cat Dubh, Fire, etc....
New York was bad ass! Where The Streets have No Name was as amazing as ever. And the red light tradition came true again. When all the lights are red, the screens, the whole stage is bathed in red, that is the signal for the intro to Where The Streets have No Name. It always has been, since THE JOSHUA TREE tour began. I get the chills every time. So now I have Tuesday in Sacramento to look forward to. We may not be treated to another surprise like A Sort Of Homecoming or Slow Dancing like last night, but we definitely should get treated to Out Of Control, in the place of I Will Follow. They alternate the two every show.
I met jentwo in the flesh. Lovely girl. We are going to hang out in San Francisco today. She wants to go to the Museum of Modern Art. sirjinx442 and our other friends were walking down the corridor at the Networks Associate Arena, and Jen and I made simultaneous eye-contact from afar. We recognized each other from photos in live journal.
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