Francine (_words_unspoken) wrote in u2,


I just watched the U2 Simpsons episode again earlier and I just can't get over how freakin' hilarious it is! The entire band is just making fun of Adam the whole time.

Bono: Now hold it, people, he's talking about waste management...that affects the whole DAMN planet!
Edge: Ah, here we go. *to Larry* What do you say we slip out to Moe's for a pint?
Adam: Can I come?
*Edge and Larry look at each other*
Edge: No.

Adam: Look guys, I got a Springfield spoon for my spoon collection!
Edge: Ah, here we go.
Bono: How many spoons have you got now, Adam?
Adam: 9! If I didn't have my spoons I'd go insane.
Bono: May I see it? *takes spoon and throws it over his head*
Adam: My spoon!!!

Classic! *dies of laughter*
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