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the U2 road trip.

i recently got back from my vacation... this year, my friend and i took a road trip across the country. our first real stop was at the rock and roll hall of fame. we drove from san diego, california to cleveland, ohio to see the U2 exhibit. it was one of the best things i've ever done.
i took a few pictures in the atrium of the museum, as that was the only place that one was allowed to take pictures.

the U2 exhibit was amazing. it turns out that larry saved A LOT of stuff, and there was all of it, on display. there was a flyer for a show where it would have cost only 50 pence to see them play. there was the first U2 shirt ever, yellowed and tiny. there were clothes from the last three tours, as well as bono's rattle and hum hat and countless other items.
i cried throughout the whole thing; it was so beautiful. i'm glad i went. beyond glad, really.

we continued onto louisville, where i got some tattoos to commemorate the trip

after louisville, we went to memphis, which also was home to some U2 lore.

the mixing board used for the recordings. also, you can see the platinum record award underneath it, sort of a great big picture of the edge on the wall. :)
admittedly, the pictures i took at sun are pretty bad. sorry... i was tired that day (we'd just gotten back from graceland).

at the rock and roll hall of fame, at the end of the exhibit, there was a book for people to write comments in. we found one from two ladies who had also made the trek from san diego to cleveland just to see the U2 exhibit. i need to find these people and hang out with them; hardly anyone i know is as into U2 as i am. ok, no one i know is as into U2 as i am. not even anything close.

if you want to read about the rest of the trip, go check out my livejournal.

hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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