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great b-day present lol

ok so my little sister had THE FUNNIEST idea for my birthday present :) I loved it - it was great lol! So I open the present she gives me with my mom sitting there saying 'yeah you'll never guess in a thousand years.' She was so right. My sister - she's 13 and was gifted with all the creativity that seemed to skip over me - went out and bought a ken doll and a concert outfit from toys r us. She dressed him up in this outfit(with a red leather jacket that I thought was really uncannily appropriate), wrote U2 and Bono on the shirt in Sharpie, and she even bought a pair of bluish glasses and colored the lenses in a bit! Then she put him back in the box and coverd the outside of the box - except for the plastic display area - in pictures of U2 from the internet. There are a few along the inside back of the box, too. She wrote Bono over every place where it said Ken, and she wrote the rest of our boys' names where it had stuff like matel and whatnot. It was GREAT i just about died when I pulled it out of the bag :)
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