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u2 license plate sightings= fun times.

I can't believe I had totally forgotten about this. So the other day I'm at this animal shelter that I work at as I'm driving off towards home I see this car pull up. Oh and what did the license plate say but "U2 WLKON"! I had to do a double take I was like WOAH! lol. I've grown out of that phase where I scream everytime I see u2ness but when still sometimes when I see such unexpected u2ness it is so very cool! I might have said something to the driver had I not been driving off but oh well. oh dude so now actually I know of TWO u2 license plates in the area. Anyone here from Hampton Roads, VA area with the license plate "U2 WLKON"?!!

hehehe yeah I guess I'll always be a u2 dork no matter what. :P
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