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Even though U2 will forever be my favorite band and the reason I live, I love all kinds of music and bands, particularly punk and particularly H20. Everytime I see their show they cover a U2 song because the bassit, I believe, is a huge U2 fan ((and can be seen wearing a vintage U2 concert tee on the album cover of "Go")). So tonight was no different. I could hear the bass line of "With or Without You" being played, but I didn't want to get excited for nothing. Then Toby, the lead singer, annouced they were gonna play some good 'ol U2 and I freaked. "With or Without You" is the single song I cry to, the single song that changed my life, and they played it. The whole band was singing it, while me and about 2 other people in the crowd sang along. It was purely magic that a punk band from NY could play a love song from an Irish group. Gotta love it.

P.S. -- About the license plates, if you live in jersey, watch out for me and my "U2 GRRL" plates coming in 10 weeks or so hehe.
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