ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø (unorthodox_muse) wrote in u2,
ø¤º°Unorthodox Muse°º¤ø

Just a couple of things!

Is anyone here interested in joining in on the U2 chat room?
If you are please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/altfanu2hangout/ and join that group! It is just way cool there because of the voice chat option, yaknowwhatah mean Vern? ;) Maybe for the USA members a chat could start at 6/pm pst - 9/pm est ? I am not sure what would be a good time for the Euro's to schedule chats - someone in Europe would have to help figure that out! Annie & Nicky what would be a generally decent time for people to stop in? Nicstar, howbout the Aussies? Input anyone?

Also, I've got 9 spare LJ activation codes if anyone would like to invite a friend to join LJ! Just email me at u2wildhoney at yahoo.com, ok?
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