Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

U2 Perform "Walk ON" Last Night on The Tonight Show..

Yeah, yeah! As most of you probably know U2 peformed "Walk ON" live on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno as part of "The Thanksgiving Special" broadcast all over the world to U.S. Troops last night. I also noticed that the band once again removed a whole section of the song for their performance. They always remove the "Home" part of the song where Bono sings..."Home, that's where the hurt is.." and went straight into the 'Hallelujah' chorus. I noticed they also did this when they sang the song on the Sept.14 "America:Tribute To Heroes" Special broadcast. Maybe they just didn't want to offend those that would take offense to the lyric in Amerika...

Altogether, a good performance of the song. Bono was also interviewed by Leno after the performance and got the loud cheers from the audience composed of U.S. service men and women..
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